TextArea in Form

I know this may be a “vexata quaestio”, but I would really appreciate if I could use more components in a Form other than TextFields and Combos without loosing the easyness of data binding. For example it is very frequent the need to use a TextArea for multirow text but now, from version 6.5, the setRows is deprecated for the TextField component.
It would be a nice thing if I could use TextArea in a Form.
Is there any forecast for an enrichment of Form in future versions or must I resign to use other strategies?
I really appreciate the overall design of Form and its easyness, but in these situations what can I do?

If you had a TextField that used setRows(), it should be a straightforward replacement of TextArea for TextField and it should work naturally in a Form.

You can use a
to customize what components (and with what options) are used on the form.

Most probably you want to implement your own “base” form field factory class (based on or using static methods from
) that allows easy customization of exactly the features you are interested in, e.g. indicating (with constructor parameters, annotations on fields or some other way) which fields should be shown as TextArea rather than TextField.

Note that the value is set after the field factory is called, so you cannot hook into value changing directly there. If necessary, you can e.g. create a FieldWrapper (see the
CustomField add-on
) as the field to do value conversions.

As of 7 a FormFieldFactory is deprecated. DefaultFieldGroupFieldFactory is pretty useless thing, because it provides only type. I have annotated field in my beans, how do I get this in DefaultFieldGroupFieldFactory ?
Would it be a way to force fieldType in
com.vaadin.ui.Field editoField = form.buildAndBind(field.getName());
if building fieldgroup manually ?