text field eith error component

hi all,

i want to align the error image which comes with set error component(),
by default it will come after the caption but i want to align in my own way?
how can align the text in texfield to left bottom??

plz help me out.


If you add a style name to your textfield, you can target the error indicator with

.v-caption-<stylename> > .v-errorindicator {
  // ...

Then it’s just playing around with CSS. :slight_smile:

Regarding positioning text in the bottom left corner; you could try one of the solutions presented here:


In other words; using a combination of padding, height and line-height should do the trick. The class to target is .v-textfield { // ... }

hi ,
.v-caption-errorimg >.v-errorindicator {


i have tried this , but its not working …
can u pls help me out?