Text change listener on ComboBox

Hi everybody.

I’m wonder to find a way to link a TextChangeLIstener to the input field of a Combo box.

Not from the server side api at least. If you want to try to tweak the client-side code, the you could try to modify VFilterSelect and implement it yourself like it’s done in VTextField.

Ok thanks.

I’ll try this way.

We need this too.
We have too much items and need to load them dynamically.

Is there any addon in directory?

If you are using an item property (not the default toString()) as the item caption mode for the ComboBox and the container used supports suitable filtering, the ComboBox does let the container do the filtering and loads item contents lazily.

However, the item count is still be needed and at least some versions of Vaadin might also require the set of item identifiers to be available.