TestBench unit test error

Greetings, i’ve got another problem with TestBench and this time it seems like i can’t really do anything.

I was able to write and setup E2E Tests (even on our CI-Server).

Now i’m unable to run any Unit Tests with TestBench, because it somehow states that Gradle is not able to find any tests.

When i add extends SpringUIUnitTest or extends UIUnitTest it no longer works and produces the error on the provided screenshot.

Normal unit tests work without issue.

Do i miss something?


It looks like the solution has been discussed in <#935356359954812988> channel
@versatile-whale do you mind adding a note also on this thread, to help non German users?

Long Story short: the UIUnitTests require the presence of com.vaadin:vaadin on the test classpath (duh :pensive:) https://github.com/vaadin/testbench/issues/1543