TestBench don't located element

I’m having a problem finding the elements on the screen, on my first login page I was able to capture and write in the text elements, but after logging in I can’t capture any more elements, I’ve read the documentation I tested several ways and nothing, could you help me?
I try selenium too and nothing.

Basically I have my login page which is this:
The code for login is this:
The next page after login is this:
The code for the next page is this:
The code for the integration test is this:
Yes i try many things and never located the element, i try wait, i try return page like the code above, i try don’t return, try located for Tag, Id, Xpath, Css and nothing this search the elements on the next Page

Your LoginViewElement can’t work - the ROOT-xxx (line 33) is not a static number that can be used to test things

If you are using the official LoginComponent, why are you creating your own Element instead of using it’s Testbench class?

i’m learning and desperate, i will try user the loginelement, and i tried other ids that root was in despair i didn’t even think about it, but thanks

@adaptable-uakari do you happen to have an open source example with the login component of Vaadin with Testbench?

The login element worked thanks, but I keep getting error, I’m trying to find a button with this id but it is not found

If I read the examples correctly, you have to navigate yourself to your main view after login


IMHO you should navigate to the view and not to login first

Like you would do when you use the Browser

But my test end to end need pass in login first

Try to get the element with waitUntil after the loginView.submit