Taking Screenshot in non-test

In the past, there are some add-ons for taking screenshots of the current UI (e.g. HTM2Canvas, Screenshot) during the normal application run (not during test-phase). How Vaadin 23.x application could take screenshots, especially if the current UI contains 3rd party webcomponents (the Bryntum Gantt in my case). Those web components may have their own exporter but that doesn’t fit properly into a Vaadin Flow appliaction (e.g. the 3rd party exporter saves the screeenshot as file to the browser download folder but I need this file within the Vaadin Flow application…)

Maybe something like this could work? https://html2canvas.hertzen.com/ There are other similar libraries

Thanks for this hint. Something more Vaadin-like would be nicer but ok …

I’m not aware of any Vaadin specific solutions for that. Sounds like a good idea for an addon :wink: