Tabsheet: tabs disappearing after resizing

Hi all,

I’ve been checking out the latest Dashboard demo. I noticed a problem with the tabsheet:

  1. Create multiple reports
  2. Resize the browser window to minimal width
  3. Scroll to the last tab using the right-arrow that appears after resize

After the last step, the scrolling arrows suddenly disappear, as well as all tabs except for the last one. Is this a known bug? I couldn’t find any ticket for it.

Hmm, no issues here on Chrome. What browser are you using?

Chrome. I’ve attached a short video showing the problem. (629 KB)

I will admit, by the way, that I resized the viewport to a very narrow size in the example. On my phone (Nexus 5) everything is working fine. But still, apparently it is possible to get it to misbehave.

Hmm, very strange. I’m running Chrome and I can’t reproduce that error. :confused:

Out of curiosity, I’ve just tried it again and the issue does not occur anymore. So one way or another it seems to be fixed…