Tabsheet Standard Background colour

Hey guys

I’m currently working on a project that contains a tabsheet. I’ve noticed that as default the tabsheet has a white background as opposed to the standard grey of a normal window. Is this standard behaviour and is there a way to match the tabsheet’s background with the main window’s background? (I’d prefer if the method doesn’t involve CSS)



this is standard behavior with the Reindeer theme. There’s this CSS directive:

.v-tabsheet-tabsheetpanel {
    background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF;

As far as I know you can’t override this from the code - you’ll have to do it with CSS. Although one way would be to set the “minimal” style name for the tabsheet, but that will change the styles for the tabs too.

Thanks for the help. Seems like I have to go read up on vaadin and css.