TabSheet scrollbar issue

Hi all,

I met a scrollbar issue recently when I use tab sheet. I appreciate if anyone could advise.

I put a VerticalLayout as a Tab into the TabSheet. The verticalLayout contain a set of tables. I want height of the tab sheet to be changed according to the content, so the height of Tab is not fixed.

It’s working fine in IE, but not in Chrome.

Everytime when I enter to the page, everything works fine as well. But if I click the edit button which will make the table editable, the scrollbar appears. I investigate the DOM. It seems the calculation of height is not correct. The height of the vertical layout is more than the height of tab. I think it’s supposed that the height of tab should be the same to the height of its content. Is it a bug or something?

I want to remove the scrollable div, but failed. Does anyone have idea about this?