TabSheet problem with LazyLoadWrapper


I am adding layouts to a TabSheet dynamically. Some layouts has LazzyLoadWrapper in it.

Tab addTab = getTabsheet().addTab(layout, caption, null, 0);


When I add a layout after a Lazy tab, lazy one overlapping the tab before it.


What do you mean by ‘overlapping’?

After adding new tab, only new tab and layz tab are showing. The tab before lazy tab is gone. When I close the lazy tab its showing again.

I’m sorry, but I cant reproduce that… could you provide a basic test case that demonstrates the problem?


[/b]1. Create a new Tabsheet. Set immediate true.
2. Add a VerticalLayout as first tab.

Tab addTab = tabSheet.addTab(layout, caption, null, 0);
  1. Create another layout but this time use a LazzyLoadWrapper in it. And add as a tab.
  2. Add another simple VerticalLayout.
  3. call tabSheet.requestRepaintAll().

Note : Actually step 5 is not necessary (I don’t have any idea why it’s added before) and removing it can solve problem. (It seems working for me but I don’t know why.). I’m using Vaadin 6.8.5.