TabSheet has incorrect height at page load. Fixes when navigating tabs.


I think there is a bug with the TabSheet component.

While the tabsheet itself is sized properly (ie setSizeFull) and occupies the entire browser, its tab contents do not when initialy loaded. Instead they occupy full width and around 80% of the size. If I go to the second tab then it fills properly and if I return back to the first tab then the first as well sizes properly.

If the tabsheet only contains one tab it never “gets” corrected as the only thing that seems that fixes it is navigating the tabs.

I am attaching a before (switching tabs) and after screenshots.

edit: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE are affected, somehow it works properly on Edge!

Same problem. Using the exact same code on the grid without the tabsheet (on verticallayout) works fine so it is definitely a tabsheet problem for me. Can confirm the problem also on Chrome, IE and Firefox, gave up before I got to Edge :slight_smile:


I’m using Vaadin 7.6.3 and I have the same problem. Is there a bug already reported for it?