TabSheet function missing

The TabSheet component has no way of enumerating tabs, so there is no way to dynamically change a tab tile / caption if you do not save each tab when you added it. I have a framework running on top of Vaadin which allows me to present an entire app that was written in a meta language as a web application. The text translation for custom pages are done dynamically based on the original captions, but there is no way to enumerate pages on a TabSheet component. I worked around this by subclassing the component. But even then, the variable containing the list of tabs is private, so a subclass cannot access it, so I have to keep a seperate list of tabs by overriding addTab(). There should be getTabs() function as part of TabSheet class.

TabSheet ts= new TabSheet();
ts.addTab(new Label(“A”), “Caption 1”);
ts.addTab(new Label(“B”), “Caption 2”);
ts.addTab(new Label(“C”), “Caption 3”);

for(int i=0;i<ts.getComponentCount();i++){
ts.getTab(i).setCaption(“New caption”+i);
[/code]There is getTab(int) method my friend.
If you ask component count and call it in loop you can list all tabs