TabSheet - ensure new tab is in view

Is there a way when creating a new Tab in a TabSheet to ensure that the new Tab is visible?

I noted that the view itself appears, but the TAB may not be visible because the tabsheet has navigation buttons and the new tab may need to be “scrolled” to see it.

I’d like to be sure that when a new Tab is created, the TAB itself is visible so they can just close it if done after reviewing it.

I am using Vaadin 7.

IIRC this was discussed a few months ago; no such functionality exists at this time.
is the relevant ticket.

Thanks Thomas.

Would really like this feature in Vaadin 7. I can see it’s an old ticket, though, so is there any plan to fix this or will new Tabs just open “mysteriously”? Right now, I am more likely to block the number of tabs the user can open as this is just too confusing for them to see a new tab that they cannot just close (without first scrolling using the navigation buttons tabsheet provides to find it). I even tried putting all new tabs in slot 0, which seemed okay, but also failed if the user then does scroll tabs to the right since now the initial tabs are not visible.

Can’t give any estimates as I have no say in what tickets are prioritized, sorry. Maybe someone in that department will help here? :slight_smile: