TabSheet Component

Is there a way to make the current selected tab clickable?

Hello Gordon,

what do you mean by this ?
If the tab is selected it is displayed, so why should it be “clickable” ?


Within the selected tab, there is a workflow that takes you through a series of screens. I would like to click on the selected tab again to take me back to the beginning of the workflow.

It would be similar to You can page through the add-ons or do specific searches of add-ons. When you click on the add-ons link again, even though you are already on that page, it refreshes and takes you to the starting position of that page. I want to do something similar, but only with tabsheets.


there is currently no way to get a click event from the selected tab in the TabSheet component. Short of extending the TabSheet and writing it yourself, you might want to take a look at the
DetachedTabs add-on
. It seems to send a click event also when clicking the already selected tab.