TabSheet component and tabs reordering

Hi there,
Is possible to reorder tabs in tabsheet component like columns headers in table ?



this is currently not possible with the tabsheet, but please try out the DragDropLayouts add-on available at
. It does what you need.



Haven’t tried it yet, but check out the DynamicTabsheet Addon. We found that the DragAndDropLayouts is very close, but we sometimes get tabs that when clicked do not activate, and sometimes will even auto-drag to the left (we click on the tab, but ti doesn’t open, and the tab moves to the left!).

Hi, don´t wanted to open a new Thread for that Question… Is it somehow possible to add an Clicklistener for the Tabs(Header) itself, like in Chrome … so you can close it with a MiddleMouseButtonClick or open a ContextMenu with RightMouseButtonClick ? Thanks for help

Hello Heinrich,

you could do this by writing a new extension extending TabSheet and listens to mouse events of the tab