TabSheet bug

On Vaadin 6.7.1
Tabsheet has a bug.
Thie is the test case:

public class TabSheetTestApp extends Application {

        public void init() {
                Window mainWindow = new Window("TabSheetTestApp");

                VerticalLayout l1 = new VerticalLayout();
                l1.addComponent(new Label("This is tab 1"));

                VerticalLayout l2 = new VerticalLayout();
                l2.addComponent(new Label("This is tab 2"));

                VerticalLayout l3 = new VerticalLayout();
                l3.addComponent(new Label("This is tab 3"));

                VerticalLayout l4 = new VerticalLayout();
                l4.addComponent(new Label("This is tab 4"));

                TabSheet tabSheet = new TabSheet();

                Tab tab1 = tabSheet.addTab(l1, "Tab ONE", null);
                Tab tab2 = tabSheet.addTab(l2, "Tab TWO", null);
                Tab tab3 = tabSheet.addTab(l3, "Tab THREE", null);
                Tab tab4 = tabSheet.addTab(l4, "Tab FOUR", null);


Steps to reproduce:
Close the tab immediate before the selected tab,
for example:

  • select “Tab FOUR”
  • close (without opening) the “Tab THREE”

A blank window will appear

I think it would be better if you make a ticket about this issue at

I found an already opened ticket

I have got the same issue with Vaadin 6.7.3. I’m happy to see, that already an ticket is opened.