TabSheet and Grid

Hi everyone! I’m just today start using Vaadin for a University exam project. I found a problem using the component Grid inside the tabs of the component TabSheet.
This is part of code:

TabSheet tabs = new TabSheet();
Grid<Prenotazione> grid = new Grid<>(Prenotazione.class);

grid.addColumn(prenotazione -> prenotazione.getCittadino().getAnagrafica().getCognome()).setHeader("Cognome");
grid.addColumn(prenotazione -> prenotazione.getCittadino().getEmail()).setHeader("Email");
grid.addColumn(prenotazione -> prenotazione.getData().toString()).setHeader("Data");
grid.addColumn(prenotazione -> prenotazione.getOrario().toString()).setHeader("Orario");
grid.addColumn(prenotazione -> prenotazione.getMotivazione().getFormattedName()).setHeader("Motivazione");
grid.addColumn(prenotazione -> prenotazione.getStato().getFormattedName()).setHeader("Stato");
grid.getColumns().forEach(col -> col.setAutoWidth(true));


tabs.add("Rilascio passaporto", grid);ù
HorizontalLayout header = PageElements.getHeader(false);
HorizontalLayout footer = PageElements.getFooter();

If i add the component grid inside the tabs tha page show only a grey line that should saparate headers and rows (I try insert grind in a Div or HorizontalLayout and put this in tab but same result).

If i add the component grid outside the tabs (like the next code) the Grind will see normaly (See images).


Im pretty new using Vaadin and don’t know too much about frontend so i image i miss some detail/attribute configuration of TabSheet.

Ty for time!

Tabsheet has no height, therefore the grid isn’t displayed. If you define a height for the tabsheet it’s visible

I use tabs.setHeightFull(); but nothing change, i will check if i put it in some Layout witout use .setSizeFull or .setHeightFull() but i don’t think is this the case.

If you use F12 / Developer Tools of the Browser you can inspect what element is missing the height.

I don’t see div between vaadin-grid and the HorizontallLayout conteined in the tab :person_shrugging:

Okay i foud it! Thank u for the tips! I have to reduce the Layouts

That’s always helpful :sweat_smile:

Here is like Git forum that there is to close the discussion?

No all good, nothing to close here