TabSheet and Drag and Drop

Hello Experts,
Would it be somehow possible to have an individual tab in a TabSheet receive a drop ?
DragAndDropWrapper takes a Component in a constructor, and TabSheet.Tab doesnt implement that interface and only seems like a placholder for the tab meta-data.

Thanks much !


That sounds like something that would be useful. Unfortunately I don’t think it currently is possible. Please file an enhancement ticket at


You should have a look at the
DragDropLayouts add-on
if it works for your use case.

Thank you Jonathan and Artur,

Jonathan, I have created a new ticket at

Artur , thank you for the pointer, I was able to use this add-on for my use case.

Thanks again.


I was trying to create an application containing a TabSheet. Every tab has a table and the user should be able to select some entries of a table and drag them to another tab. I tried to achieve that by installing the DragDropLayouts add-on and using the DDTabSheet, but I don’t understand how to assign a DropHandler directly to one of the tabs. Does anybody have an idea how I can make this work? I’m using Vaadin 7.1.12 and the Version 1.0.1 of the Add-On.

Thank you very much in advance!


You don’t assign each tab a DropHandler, but instead you add the DropHandler for the whole Tabsheet with DDTabsheet.setDropHandler(). You can get at what index the drop was made in the DropHandler from the event target details if I remember correctly.

If you want to drop something inside an existing tabsheet tabs content then you need to set the content of the tab to something that supports drag&drop. For example add a DDCssLayout as the content and set its drop handler.