Tabs of equal size

I’ve two tabs. One is having more input components compared to the other. The issue is, the tabs shrinks/grows which is not nice. I need tabs look same size ( as in the more component tab ). How can I make it ?
Also, I divided the form into two tabs because in mobile view, there is a scroller which I wanted to avoid. If you know any better alternative, please let me know that too


  • Set a fixed height on the tab contents, or
  • Set a fixed height on the dialog (e.g. 100% to make it take the entire viewport).

The latter would be smarter, as that way the contents will scroll if there is more stuff that what fits into that height.

thanks. I’ll try the first one

Also, I see there is some jerk when swithcing between the tabs. is there a way to make them just appear without any jerk ?

Not sure what you mean, but I would assume the jerking is related to the changing height?

I’ve put the behavior in a video format. You can see on the right side there is some jerk, some scrollers shows for 1 sec and window also has some shaking

It looks like the built-in scroll area of the Dialog is triggered for a fraction of a second. Not sure why that would happen – it probably depends on the structure of the Dialog.

Are you using Tabs or TabSheet for this?


if I convert this one to Tabs, do you think would that resolve issue ?

no, I’m not sure what is causing it