'TableFieldFactory' for the non editable mode


Is there a way to provide custom table cells in the

non editable mode

I’m using a jpa container and would like my table to render certain entities with a component (eg. a button).

Many thanks for your answers!


there’s no direct way, but you can add a generated column to the table using the same property id the column you want to ‘override’ has. In your ColumnGenerator implementation you can return any component. See the com.vaadin.ui.Table.addGeneratedColumn(Object, ColumnGenerator) method.

Thanks Teppo.

I have already used the generated columns on several occasions but never thought about overriding an existing container property id. I’ll give it a try tomorrow and see how this fares but I already fear that the resulting columns won’t be sortable.


they should be sortable, but whatever you generate does not affect the sorting - it will still be done using the overridden property values.

Works like a charm - Much obliged!