i want to show only 1 column name for two colums how can i do this
for example phonenumber1 and phonenumber2 are 2 columns under one single heading


someone help me plzzz???
i want a format a bit same like above table

This is not possible at the moment. There is a feature request in backlog, but it has been scheduled yet.

If you do not have too much data, you could use grid layout to do this.

So you want column headers that span over multiple columns. This is not currently possible with the server-side API.

A custom widget that extends Table is always a possible solution, although not exactly a trivial one.

You might be able to do this with some CSS trickery by overflowing a column to the next one, at least if you use fixed-width columns. But this doesn’t make two header lines or filter boxes possible.

The best solution currently: if you use fixed-width columns in the table, you could also put a horizontal header bar (such as a HorizontalLayout)
the actual table component, and then style it to look like a table header. It wouldn’t support any table header features such as sorting, of course, but you could implement those in the header bar. This is also the only way to implement the filtering features.

As similar questions have been asked before, here’s an
on-line example

Well, you could easily make that a composite component with CustomComponent, or perhaps preferably with CustomField.


i tried some thing may check and tell if it works ? emoticon

any change you could add some real life examples… Im not getting the completed impl from the sample pages and I would like to try this.


Where is the cool filter table? Is it gone? I want it!!!

Best regards, André

I am also looking for this functionality. Is there any update? These links are no longer valid.

Just wanted to let people know about the table filter. It can be found here,
. This solved my issue.