table with query container does not update

hello fellow vaadiners,

Recently 1 try to make todo list with vaadin

  • 1 have a table filled with tasks which datasource is a querycontainer
  • when I select a task in a table , the details of the selected task apear below the table
  • each task can have different statuses represented by simple buttons (the status is displayed in the table )

What i would like to achieve is that when i click on a status button the items status is changed to that status ( the underlying property-s value is changed), so the changed status is displayed in the table

But the property doesnt seem to change/status doesnt updated in the table :frowning:

So what did I wrong?

  • is it a problem with the query container?
  • or something with the events ( the task gets selected, the button gets clicked, but the value of the desired property does not change)

I have tried everything (table.reguestrepaintall(), table.setimmediate(true)) but nothing worked so far :frowning:

Should I use another type of container or what?

Please help me and point me to the right direction

Thanks in advance

QueryContainer is read only.

Either 1) update database directly and re-create query container after updates or 2) change to another container implementation (such as any of the available JPA implementations in

wow, that was a quick answer :slight_smile:

So if I replace querycontainer with something else, for example an indexed container everyhing will work just as I expected?

I recently took a look at the code of querycontainer to see how the properties are added to the container :slight_smile:

How should I change that code to make querycontainer writable?

in long term i will take a look at other database backed implementations