Table with lazy load from jdbc

In the demo page for the table mentions that the table supports lazy loading. You mean by loading from the container, which is created in memory for running applications, right? What if the table is really big?

How Can I do lazy loading from the database via JDBC? It is the only way to write my own container?

Vaadin is a really great framework. Thank you!

Yep, Table component performs lazy loading from the client’s poiny of view, e.g. it does not load entire container datasource and does not create a millions of div’s at client’s side.

As for server-side lazy loading - the container must take care on this. You can take a look at
, which performs internal buffering, allowing it not to maintain entire query dataset in server’s memory.

In case you don’t want to pay for JPA check my lazy container:

Here is a demo application: