Table with Horizontal layout?

I would like to display a list of images, allowing images to be selected and dragged to re-order them. All this seems doable with Table. However, I would prefer the list of images to be laid out horizontally rather than vertically. Is it possible to apply a “horozontal layout” to a table, or something along those lines, to make the items in the table appear as a horizontal strip, while still having all the selection and dragging capabilities of Table?


You cannot simply change the table orientation with respect to the drag and drop functionality.

Maybe something based on dragging components in a layout would be enough for your purposes - see
this demo
. You can also customize drag and drop further by working with the “low-level” API.

Yes, I’ve seen that demo, and considered it for my ues case. However, since I also need other aspects of the Table (e.g, the ability to select one or many items, mapping to a data model, etc), it would have been nice if the table functionality could have been re-used, rather than re-inventing this wheel.