Table with Custom Lazy Container.Sortable: Problem when sorting fails


I successfully implemented the Container interface to perform lazy loading from the backend.
I also implemented the Container.Sortable interface to provide custom sorting, as I need to send the sorting info to the backend.
My problem is when the user tries to sort a column from a table by clicking on it. The Table then calls the sort() method from the container and expects that the container sorted everything as it should. But in some special cases, the sorting can fail in the backend. The container does not sort the items but the Table still shows the sort indicator in the other direction, as it would have worked. Clicking again to sort will call sort() with the wrong sort direction.

The real question is: Is it possible to tell the Table that the sorting did not work? Or maybe just tell the Table to revert the sort direction to the state it was before?

I would really appreciate any help on this. Just comments to try to figure it out would also be nice. :wink:

Jonas Hartmann