Table with clickable layout in cells horrible slow

Hallo there,

in my application i have a table in which rows there are cells with different functionality.
Like “Delete this row” “Edit this row”.

so i decided to make the first cell in each row as a css layout with two click able layouts in it.
one for the edit one for the delete action.

this makes the table very very slow, means the internet explorer shows the message: End slow running script?

what other options do I have here?

adding a third functionality “mark row as important” kills the table !!!
its unusable.

perhaps this is also important: I am showing 20 rows at a time.

if anybody has in idea …

will be very welcome


Basically when your table gets slow it’s for several reasons like too much css, columns, Components in the table. To get more information look
In your case you could use a workaround like making the table selectable and having the Delete and Edit only once above the table. Then you can make it so that the user has to select a row and then press one of the buttons instead of having the buttons directly in the table.
Also maybe try using Buttons instead of CssLayouts (although CssLayout should in theory be much quicker to render then a button).

thanks for the quick reply,
but as you can image having all the functions in one row is a demand from our
customers… so no workaround possible i am afraid :frowning:

One idea that might or might not help some: use fixed (pixel) sizes for the CssLayouts as well as all the components in them. That might speed up things somewhat at least when used in a Table.

He there,

i am afraid that wasn’t very enhancing :frowning:
Seems that too many Layouts per row slows the table down a lot!
thanks anyway


Hi Steffan,

Sorry for the late contribution. Without seeing your code I can only help so much, but I’ve had my share fair of fiddling with the Table component. Try profiling the number of calls to refreshRowCache may be a first pointer.

Your other option would be to have your cells render your layouts within a PopupView. That’s very light and I use this liberally on very huge datasets (~ 100 row cache and 25 to 45 columns).