Table with 100% width does not expand to fill layout after resize

A vaadin 7 table with 100% width will not expand to fill a vertical layout when the browser is resized. The table
expand to fill a vertical layout if that layout is the content of a sub Window.

Is this a bug? Ive seen other older threads about similar issues, but none that directly mention this issue.

Also should mention that this is not how it worked in Vaadin 6. This is probably a good indicator that it’s a bug?

What Vaadin version are you using? Could you give some sample code to reproduce the problem?

I just tested it with Vaadin 7.2.4 and this coding in UI.init():

final VerticalLayout vlayout = new VerticalLayout(); vlayout.setSizeFull(); setContent(vlayout); Table t = new Table(); t.setSizeFull(); t.addContainerProperty("test", String.class, "asdf"); t.addItem(); vlayout.addComponent(t); Worked without a problem even when resizing the window

Thanks for comment, this was a naive mistake on my part. The culprit was that in my case there was a CssLayout surrounding the VerticalLayout, which was not width-100%.

However the slightly confusing part was that a Button component placed inside the VerticalLayout
expand to fill the layout. Which gives the impression that the VerticalLayout is working and is at 100%. However the Table component does not expand out.

You can see in the attached image how the button expands but the table does not. The only difference between that image and a working version is setting the CssLayout to 100% width (even though the button component appears to function fine without that setting).

(Also, im using 7.2.4 as well)