Table: weird column reordering

When a Table has several columns (more than 10 eg.) and I want to rearrange one of the right most columns to a position that is left of the current position, then the marker showing where the column will be placed is right of the place where it should be. This distance gets bigger, the more the original column position is on the right side.

In my application I have a Table with more than 20 columns and the horizontal scrollbar in that Table is visible. The described effects shows up, when I try to move the 7th column from the left. If I move the 6th column, everything is fine.

I made a small screenshot to visualize the problem. I moved the column GRUPPE from a position right of
to the position where
is, but the marker (red ellipse) is 2 columns right of the position where it should be (between

I use Vaadin 6.8.7 and I tested it with Firefox 18, Chrome 24 and IE 9: all show the same behaviour.

Should I file a ticket?


Sounds like a bug to me, please do if you didn’t already :slight_smile:

It’s done:
Ticket 10890