Table unwanted refresh after first display

Hello Everybody,

I am currently using Vaadin for designing a UI which displays a table of logs. The logs displayed are being read in a database which is filled at the same time. This means I have periodic refresh of the content of the database container, which is an HbnContainer. The key point is that I want to always display the last items of the database, so I use the method Table.setCurrentPageFirstItemId(container.lastItemId()). But I run into a severe problem : The GUI is correctly displayed at first (last items of the database are being displayed), but after less than a second, it is refreshed, and the first rows of the table appears.

I looked into the VScrollTable widget, and saw that there was the use of a RowRequestHandler which can delay the refresh of the UI. It seems that this component is called with wrong parameters… But I cannot be sure of it.

Does anyone has any clue about what to do or try ?

Thanks in advance.
Guillaume E.

For further information, I noticed that this bug appears with Firefox 8.0.1, with the Eclipse browser, but not with Chrome 23.0. I think that perhaps it comes from the ScrollBar appearance…

I think I can tell that there is a bug with the scroll bar of the table and Firefox 8.0. Based on what happens on Chrome, I think that a scroll bar allowing to browse all the logs (at least in term of dimension) should appear. In Firefox, no scroll bar appear, or the scroll bar appears only if the pageLength variable is bigger than the available space on client side.
It looks as if the “spacers” of the VScollTable are wrongly computed, or are not taken into account by Firefox.

Which Vaadin version are you using?

If you can reproduce this with a simple application using the latest Vaadin version, maybe you can post it here, or if clearly a bug,
create a ticket