Table truncated instead of scrollbar

Hi Folks,

Would really appreciate some advice on this problem…

I’ve got Table which is fairly wide (wider than the browser window). Instead of getting automatic horizontal scrollbars it is just truncated. In the attached pic you can see this.

All layouts and Table are set to setSizeUndefined().

The hierarchy starting with the yellow area is:

(1) HorizontalLayout (yellow area)
(2) VerticalLayout (layout “A” - the red “List” box)
(2) VerticalLayout (layout “B”)
(3) VerticalLayout
(4) HorizontalLayout (buttons)
(4) Table

If I set the Table width to a fixed amount like “600px” I get the automatic horizontal scrollbars.

I need layout “A” and “B” to be edge-to-edge with no spacing. If I change all of the above components to setWidth(“100%”) I do get auto scrollbars, but then I also get spacing between Layout “A” and “B” even if I set the expand ratio.

Suggestions would be most welcomed!