Table - Tooltip for GeneratedRow


i have a problem using the ItemDescriptionGenerator for a table using a RowGenerator.
Somehow the Tooltip is neither shown on mouseover nor rendered to the dom tree (as far as i can see).

Here are the snippets from my code:

    public void akualisiereSuchergebnisseVertrag(Collection<Vertrag> vertraege) {
        akualisiereSuchergebnisse(suchErgebnisListeVertraege, SUCHERGEBNIS_VERTRAG_ROW_GENERATOR, vertraege, null);

    public void akualisiereSuchergebnissePartner(
            Collection<PartnerSuchTabelle> partner) {
        akualisiereSuchergebnisse(suchErgebnisListePartner, SUCHERGEBNIS_PARTNER_ROW_GENERATOR, partner, VERTRAEGE_ZUR_PERSON_TOOLTIP);

private <T> void akualisiereSuchergebnisse(
            BeanItemContainer<T> suchErgebnisListe, RowGenerator rowGenerator,
            Collection<T> items, ItemDescriptionGenerator tooltipGenerator) {



private static final ItemDescriptionGenerator VERTRAEGE_ZUR_PERSON_TOOLTIP = new ItemDescriptionGenerator() {
        private static final long serialVersionUID = -7784113762417992021L;

        public String generateDescription(com.vaadin.ui.Component source,
                Object itemId, Object propertyId) {
            log.debug("property: "+propertyId);
            if(propertyId == null){
                PartnerSuchTabelle partner = (PartnerSuchTabelle) getItemAusTabelle((Table)source, itemId);
                String tooltip = tooltip(partner);
                log.debug("property: "+propertyId);
                log.debug("Tooltip generiert: " + tooltip);
                return tooltip;
            return "";

public static abstract class FailSafeRowGenerator implements RowGenerator {
        private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
        public GeneratedRow generateRow(Table table, Object itemId) {
            try {
                return generatedRow(generiereHtmlFuerItem(getItemAusTabelle(table, itemId)));
            } catch (Exception e) {
                log.error("Fehler beim Rendern einer Tabellenzelle", e);
            return generatedRow(StandardFormate.fehlerMeldungInHtml("Fehler"));
        private static GeneratedRow generatedRow(String html) {
            GeneratedRow generatedRow = new GeneratedRow(html);
            return generatedRow;

        protected abstract String generiereHtmlFuerItem(Object itemAusTabelle);

I use the RowGenerator to display some information from my domain objects as a String with HTML formatting.

In my Logging i can see that the generateDescription Method is called and generates the right description. I just wasn’t able to figure out the reason why it is not displayed.

I would be great if someone could give me a hint.

Thanks in advance.

Anybody ?

I’d still be glad about any hint (or alternative solution).


if anyone has found a solution or hint as to how to show a tooltip per row,

please update this thread!