Table showing garbage like foreign key field

Hi I am newbie in Vaadin and web application. I have developed a table with popup form which is created tow entities in the back. The tables are Customer and Customergroup. There is a table where customers are displayed. When I select any customer, a popup is prompted to edit the customer. I have used caption generator following example of Matti o Vaadin which is working just fine for the popup window i.e. customer group is selectable from the combobox. But the customer group name is not shown in the table properly. It is shown as com…Customergroup[id=365]
but not showing the customergroup name.

I suppose i have do to something in Customer entity in the end (as below) but not sure what will help. Thanks in advance for the help.

public String toString() {
return “com.inteacc.entity.Customer[ id=” + id + " ]


I just have solved the issue. Basically I have returned getName().toString();
Thanks for your attention