Table.setSortContainerPropertyId() shrinks column width to minimum

I have a table which uses autosizing of all columns (no explicit setWidth()) and it shows up like expected. The colums are either sized after column header or column content, based on which is wider than the other. This is what I want.
But as soon as I set Table.setSortContainerPropertyId(acolumn) the specified column (and only that one) gets resized to the column content. Even if the header is much wider than the column content. Much worse: it should be even larger with the sort order indicator.
I reproduced it with my custom theme and also with Reindeer via ?theme=reindeer. You can’t reproduce it in the case that the content is larger than the header.

The environment is Vaadin 7.1.6. The browser does not matter as it doesn’t seem to be a rendering issue.
The header’s element style gets set (by Vaadin; not me) to 150px when no ordering takes place.

It gets set to 46px when ordering takes place: .

For demonstration I attached the two partial screenshots that show the difference of setting Table.setSortContainerPropertyId() or not. To reproduce it you only need a table with narrow column content and wide column header.

Just to make sure: If you do not set Table.setSortContainerPropertyId() and let the user click on the column to manually set the ordering, the column remains at it’s initial size. Only setting it in code shows the weired behaviour.

Is this a bug? Or what do I need to do to get autosizing back? Table.setColumnWidth(acolumn, -1) does not help (neither before, nor after Table.setSortContainerPropertyId()). Manually setting the width of the column “solves” the problem as it then looks OK, but I want autosizing as I can’t predict the content width upfront.

I need help with this too. I can’t find any workaround other than the one already suggested, which is unsuitable for dynamic content.

this occurs in 7.5.3 as well

if you sort by some column then remove all the rows and add new rows, the column header is shrinked
even without calling setSortContainerPropertyId