Table.setDescription() - Tooltip not showing

Hi Guys.

My problem appears simple. Is there any reason why setDescription() does not work for a Table? I am aware you can use ItemDescriptionGenerator to create tooltips per row/column, but I want one tool-tip for the whole table.

(Also, having itemdescriptiongenerator return the same string every time isnt a good solution, as a new tool-tip is generated when mousing over every cell).

Is this is known feature/problem with tables?

All suggestions welcome!


Seems to be so that description works only over e.g. caption of the table. But at least you can generate a description only for row only and not for each of the cells. I think like this:

String generateDescription(Component source, Object itemId,Object propertyId) {
    if (propertyId == null && itemId != null) {
         return "My description";
    return null;