Table > Set particular column read-only type


  1. Is there any way we can make a column of Table read-only?

  2. Another issue I’m having is that I need to arrange the auto generated checkbox column as a First Column of table, which is don’t know why is always getting added after the last Column specified in the bean.

  3. I’ve binded Table’s container with the bean, which has automatically generated table’s columns, which is great. Just wanted to know how can I change these column’s heading? Is it feasible like this?


2nd and 3rd point are complete.

Can any one help me with 1st point, I’ve a integer field which i want read only on UI.

Use field factory (see Field Factories in
5.21. Table
) and use
instead of default field or set it not editable for desired property.

Hi Agata,

Thanks, I used createFieldFactory Method and applied a condition in which I made my field readonly which is an api method and did some changes in styling.

I could not use label as I need to do some operation on this value.