Table Selection issue in Chrome and Windows 10

The Vaadin Table selection mode seems to be broken in Chrome for Windows 10 users. Vaadin seems to detect this constellation as Touch Device. That means, that each click on a row adds the row to the selection, same as holding CTRL + click for other systems.
This has been already reported in and and can easily be reproduced at the Vaadin Sampler, too:

Problem seems to be VScrollTable#setMultiSelectMode(). Suggestion: Instead of ignoring the parameter in case of a touch device is detected use the touch detection just as default and allow clients to override.

Any thoughts?

My understanding so far has been, that the issue is that 2-in-1 hybrid devices and laptops with touch screen can be detected as touch devices also while keyboard attached, since they have touch input. This issue cannot be handled fully automatically. Hence some additional API is needed, so that application can define which mode to use and user can for example set preferences in application settings. This kind of improvement has been in our discussions. It would be nice to hear your oppinnion about it?

+1 for an API to control this setting. My ThinkPad Laptop without touch device is detected as touch device on Windows 10, where other models with the same OS/Browser set up are not. In it is also stated, that the Windows API doesn’t seem to be reliable to detect.
Proposal for table selection modes:

  • Single
  • Multi
  • Auto
    where Auto will be default and the first two allow clients to override touch detection.

Hello all,

Sorry to dig out this old thread, but issue is still alive. It’s causing us some troubles.
Anybody knows if something is evolving there ?
Anybody has a top to trick the system and force single-selection mode ?
( our app is still V7 )

Best regards