table selection in a liferay portlet cause problems on Chrome

So I have 2 tables in my portlet with setSelectable(true), one at the top of the portlet and one at the bottom. I have problems when clicking them using Chrome:

Top table: clicking on a row (after a row has been initially clicked) causes the scroll position of the portlet to jump within the browser, apparently before the click position reaches Vaadin since I often end up with a different row selected than the one I meant to click, or a smear of selection color across several rows.

Bottom table: every click on a row causes the height of the entire portlet to grow slightly, increasing the amount of empty space between the bottom of the table and the edge of the portlet.

Anybody know what’s causing this?

Neither of these problems occur on Firefox or IE.

I’m using Liferay 6.1.1-ga2 and Vaadin 6.8.2.