Table scrolling (refreshRowCache) empties modified rows in editable table

Hello all,
we are facing an issue with an editable table.
We changed the value within one or more cells and scrolled the table content, until the table is refreshed.
Getting back to view the modified row, we found out that it appears to be completely empty.
We understood that this happens when the refreshRowCache() method is called after the scrolling.
The direct call to this method after the modification gives indeed the same result.
Is this a normal behaviour, is there a way to disable it, or maybe we are doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Any idea

What Vaadin version are you using?

I’m using version 7.4.5!

The refreshRowCache() is not normally called when scrolling a long table. Doesn’t at least do so in
this quick test

thanks a lot for the answers!
Ok, I understand we might be wrong about the call to refreshRowCache(), but at the end of the day that was not the main topic.
Anyhow, we managed to solve the issue which was actually due to the re-definition of the hash() methods within our beans based on the value of their own fields.
Of course, whenever we changed the content of the bean through the editable fields of the table, the hash changed accordingly and the table was losing the reference to it; that’s why the refresh was leaving an empty line instead (I guess)!
Sorry for the post which, of course, could be avoided by being more careful!
I hope at least this could help those running in the same issues.