Table rows repaint

Hello All!

In my table is modified only one value in one line.
This table is big enough and repainting the entire table takes a considerable time.
How to repaint a specific row/cell in the table?
If there is no direct way, perhaps there is “hack” through manipulation of variables (reqFirstRowToPaint, reqRowsToPaint, firstToBeRenderedInClient, lastToBeRenderedInClient)?


The follow code is used to update the row selected in a table:

		// get the current row in the table
		Object focus = table.getValue();
		BeanItem  item = (BeanItem) table.getItem(focus);
		if (item != null) {
			BeanItem newItem = new BeanItem(obj);
			freshItem(table, item, newItem);
	private void freshItem(Table table, Item oldItem, Item newItem) {
		for (Object property: table.getContainerPropertyIds()){
			Property attr = oldItem.getItemProperty(property);
			if (!attr.isReadOnly()) {

Surely, you can modify freshItem(…) to specify those cells you would like to update.