Table + RowHeaderMode


I using on table:

setRowHeaderMode(RowHeaderMode.INDEX); If there is any chance to show RowHeaderMode.ID without any added records in table?

Hello Rafal,

Sorry, but could you elaborate a bit on what you want to show? With no records in the table…?


I would like to achieve visibility of table rows in the table when no records have not yet added.

For example setPageLength(3); if table got page length set to 3. Without any records i just wanna to show RowHeaderMode for this 3 lines.

TABLE ( with no records added to container)


For pure display value, I don’t know… Depending on what kind of container you’re using, “empty” items could be added, but then you’d have to deal with additional logic once you want to add items of real value to those slots.

As far as I know of course. :confused: