Table row select triggers context menu in iOS safari


Trying to figure out why tapping a com.vaadin.ui.Table row on iPad or iPhone safari shows a Context/Action menu. This happens in
too. I can see why Safari perhaps isn’t the prefered development browser for vaadin, stepping around in WidgetSet.js can get a bit tedious. I did get superdevmode to compile but source maps seems a bit different so i’m stuck with raw gwt.js…

Any clues?


Interesting…definitely seems a like bug. Would you be so kind to report this problem at

Hi Joachim,

Thanks for your response, I did that,

I’ve been trying to figure out what happens. It seems it has something to do with Util.simulateClickFromTouchEvent on row 5921 (Vaadin 7.3.5).
It’s not easy figuring out what’s going on in that class… Chrome device emulation and SuperDevMode helps :wink:


Thanks! :slight_smile: