Table Row CellStyle change, and change back

I have a table with a SQLContainer and a column that controls if the row should been painted with bold font.
I used the CellStyleGenerator which worked well.
My problem: I want to change the my style back, when the user clicks the row.
If I click the Row i update my database and the Item and so forth, but it doesnt get propagated to the gui.
If I do sorting by clicking some columnheader, i get the result i want; it is then painted with plain fontstyle.
But i want that by clicking the row ( and no sorting of course).

I use a ValueChangeListener and tried some combinations of sqlcontainer.refresh table.requestRepaintAll even resetting the CellstyleGenerator.
Nothing seems to work right.
Can someone give me a hint?

I just had the same problem, see the post
Table not recalling CellStyleGenerator even when requestRepaint() is called

Hope that helps,


thx alot, i will try that. I found your thread when u havent had presented your solution. thx.