table, resize problems

I have a strange problem with columnheaders going crazy. Im writing portlets for liferay6, vaadin6 and running the newest version of vaadin.

I have written severeal portlets using table and the addon FilteredTable and this one portlet is at the moment rather simple. I have a reload button and a table and a Refresher component.

table = new Table();

and then I build a IndexedContainer that I set as the datasource.

The container is build very simple also. First I do a few

            cont.addContainerProperty("Host", String.class, "");

then I read from a ResultSet and do

cont.getContainerProperty(id, “Host”).setValue(rs.getString(“host”));

and thats it in the most basic example. I do completly similary things in a lot of other portlets running on the exact same server, same versions of LIB files and everything - no problems.

BUT in this portlet I have strange issues regardning the header row. First it actually started with a FilteredTable where the filer row did not show the actual fields to enter filtering data. Then I changed into simple a Table. I had some code to set the width of the columns and the actual columns did have the correct width BUT the header showed only the FIRST caption - all the rest where not visible (as I think it turns out the width of the first column header/caption is set to something like 10000px).

Then I removed the code to set the column width (so now its just the very simple code above). Now the columns width is calculated somehow by the size of the content of the columns im guessing. Its close to correct but not completely BUT if I then manually by the mouse change the size of one column the column changes ofcause BUT the header row also changes again so that only the header of the first row is visible!? Seams like its getting size at least 100% and why is it not following the size of the row below it!?

I have no idea whats different and why its different from all the other portlets that are coded completly the same running on the exact same dev and production server. All portlets are deployed with the same LIBs in version and so on.

why this behaviour?