From my view, I pass a table as a parameter to the presenter, as follows …
public void LoadUITable(Table parmTableOpp){
Object obj_ID_Record;
Object obj_ID_TableRow;
Item itemTableRow;



When ‘removeAllitems()’ runs on the first call to the “LoadUITable” method, it works.
When the method is called a 2nd time, the 'removeAllItems immediately throws an error …

" Invocation of method valueChange in View.View_Opportunity$1 failed."

What is calling this method is the following …
// EVENT Button Click on Refresh Table…
btnRefreshTable.addClickListener(new Button.ClickListener() {
public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event) {


I’m hoping you can help soon, as I’m ready to roll with my first Vaadin Intranet project!.
Without help, I may restructure the program a bit and just create a new Table with every data refresh click of the button.

Want to get this project in on this sprint, so I removed the button that refreshes the table and replaced it with a label, instructing people to hit [F5]
to refresh the table.

The question still stand though, I would think I could have a button and a click event that calls ‘removeAllItems’ …

Please provide a more complete stack trace (including the “Caused by” parts) and possibly the related code. The snippets you have provided do not show where the problem occurs, but removeAllItems() should certainly work in a button click listener. Based on your error message I’d guess there is a problem in your own value change listener.

Use a BeanItemContainer or custom Container and call Table.refreshRowCache() instead of clearing and re-adding the content.