Table refresh ceases after some push


I am experimenting with pushing data to a Table with ICEPush.
The first few data is pushed fine to the Table, the view nicely displays new rows. After that, however, refresh ceases to happen. In the debug window I see ICEPush’s working. A sorting conducted on the table’s header shows new data is there. If sorting is done twice the next data row pushed somewhen later does appear, but nothing more afterwards. A parallel used Label containing info from the pushed data is orderly refreshed.
Both UI component’s data are updated in the same code block synchronized on the application instance.
Table data are updated as follows:

IndexedContainer c = (IndexedContainer)table.getContainerDataSource();
for (Alert a : alerts) {
   Object id = c.addItem();    // let it generate unique id
   Item i = c.getItem(id);

Can it be a bug in Table? Any idea how to make it work?


Just a note. Since then I tried ListSelect component which works as expected.

It has certainly something to do with the Table component.

Has anybody seen such behaviour?

I am investigating a similar situation with Table under Vaadin 6.7 which one of the programmers on the team has stumbled upon. First inspection shows that push is pushing, and that a notification does get displayed.

Thanks reassuring my finding, Jean-François!
I am interested in any further progress on the subject.


It only works if table.refreshRowCache() is called. requestRepaint() is insufficient. According to the APi docs this could be expected.