Table Printing

Hi all while printing a big table its cells are split and its content split too at the end of first page and the other are in the second page is there a way to avoid cell spliting at printing table
thanks in advance

How are you printing the table?
When you’re just printing the UI made with Vaadin components i don’t really think that there is a way as the Vaadin UI is not exactly made for printing…
Maybe you get some better control when you recreate your print output using html/css, … or create a PDF using a Java PDF library (e.g. iText).
Or you could try using some of the Css print related commands/attributes to control your print. There is for example
but i don’t know how far it can be used with Vaadin components, … as i didn’t use it.

Yeah, it’s difficult to handle the touch events from paper, when you try to move the scrollbar.

Rendering the UI for printing is a really special situation, where the screen size, pixels, and other metrics have very different meaning from the screen.

okay thank you Mr. Marius and Mr. Marko