Table Page Length after sorting on column


I have a table with a page length of say 100 that’s initially set on this component. What I have noticed is that once I click any of the columns to sort them, after the sort the table seems to ‘forget’ about the page length and reverts to using a default page length of the range 10 - 11.


  1. Why does this happen and is there a way around it?
  2. Does the cache rate affect this in any way?

I’m using Vaadin 6.3.2 and currently don’t have the liberty to upgrade to the latest release, so a work around would definitely be appreciated.


  • Dinesh.

Pagelength is automatically calculated to the number of visible rows if you set the height of the table. It is mainly useful for adjusting the height of the table (when height is set to null/undefined). If you want to cache more rows than default, use setCacheRate()