table out of sync with button inside generated column


I’ve created a table connected to the HbnContainer addon. The table contains a generated column with buttons to select entries.

Clicking any button for the first time after table creation produces an out-of-sync error. Afterwards the buttons behave fine until the table is recreated.

I was able to work around this by setting the page length of the table to the size of the hbnContainer, but this takes time, since hibernate retrieves the whole database table contant. Not setting the page length or setting it to fixed value e.g. 10 produces the out-of-sync.

Is this a known issue?

The height calculation in client part of the table seems to be buggy too. If I set a fixed page length of 10 the eleventh entry is displayed too, but the row is cut in half. The table contains only text and all rows have the same height.

Is there a workaround for this?

i too face the same issue. It started appearing from 6.6.X onwards .I have reverted back to 6.5.1 and the error goes away. Please let me if this is resolved in 6.1 or above versions.

PS: I tried the work around given in ticket/6423. But the error message disappears and then the buttons are not working.

Please let me know if somebody has solution for this