Table not updating nested property after item change in form?

Hello fellow Vaadin users

I seem to have ran into a problem with the way tables are updating the column display for nested properties. I initialy noticed this with the JPAContainer but I replicated this with plain BeanContainers and simple beans. In my application I have a Table listing master beans with an additional column to display a nested property from a sub-bean. In a separate form the user can edit and change the master bean to point to another nested bean - which should result in a change of value for the nested property. However, after the form commits, the table updates the master item columns but does not seems to update the nested property column.

I’m new to Vaadin so of course not sure if I’m doing things properly, but I’ve followed the demo examples and used a FieldGroup to bind the item in the table to the form so my feeling is this should work. I’ve attached a class with the narrowed down example that shows the problem - using a simple BeanContainer. The example is slightly more complicated due to using a ComboBox and a custom Converter but this replicates the scenario in my application. The same happens with the JPAContainer, where I can see the contained bean change being commited to the database but not reflected in the table.

Oddly enough if I call fieldgroup commit twice (commented out in the code) the change is reflected in the table, which to me suggest this might be a bug? The same happens if I press the “OK” button twice (which is how I noticed the double commit works)

Any suggestions if I am doing something wrong or this is a bug? Seen with Vaadin 7.1.8, with both Firefox and IE browsers.

Cheers (5.13 KB)