Table not streching in custom component


I have a little problem with the
component. When i put the table as composition root it streches full size, but if i wrap it into my custom component it does not. The css value
of table-index is 0. When i hardcode the height to 100%, the table streches too much and downloads too much of data (maybe the pageLenght changes somehow?).

I see the table header, but the rows(or the div above the rows) are having
0 height
. Im sure that there is some data, i hardcoded the heights in the browser to check.

In my custom component i have a html template and i added my own css style. I put everywhere height: 100%.
When i add other components everythings allright, thats how i know my component is not completly bad.

Any sugestions ?
Thx in advance

I didn’t quite understand your component structure. You mention that the Table works fine if it is composition root, but of what, if you don’t have it wrapped inside a CustomComponent at that point? You mention HTML template, do you have a CustomLayout somewhere?

Table works fine if it is composition root of a custom component. But if i wrap it into another custom component the size of the table is 0.

I have a custom layout (with html template) in the second custom component.
Let me visualize this:

CustomComponent c;
c.setCompositionRoot(table;) // works fine

CustomComponent c;
MyComponent mc; // extends CustomComponent
// does not work - table data row size is 0…

When i add other components than table, it works fine…

Ok, solved - there was a little bug in my component that only showed up when i added a table to it.

Thanks for Your time.